The Heart Behind The Brand

Welcome to Stray Willow, an ethical brand dedicated to nurturing a community that embraces the art of slowing down and cherishing beautiful moments through sustainable self-care.

For those discovering us for the first time, consider this a warm virtual embrace! We're thrilled that you've found your way to us.

Meet Alysha and Lauren, the visionaries behind Stray Willow. As two Aussie mums collectively raising six children, we intimately understand the whirlwind of busy lives and the tendency to prioritise others. At Stray Willow, our mission is to assist you in pausing, refocusing, and savouring meaningful moments of self-care.

Our brand is characterised by a love for crafting aesthetically beautiful products without compromise. We strive to inspire a healthier, more sustainable self-care routine, providing you with indulgent beauty while contributing to the preservation of the world's natural beauty. Stray Willow’s bath and body products are Australian made and thoughtfully formulated with nature's finest ingredients. These beautiful products are designed to welcome you into the day and help you unwind at night.

Our brand has undergone a transformative relaunch, placing a renewed emphasis on journeying through the highs and lows of life together. Join our community as we work together to embrace the art of slowing down, indulging in beautiful moments of self-care. Your journey to a more intentional and fulfilling self-care experience begins here with us.

Alysha, Lauren + The Stray Willow Team Xx